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2023 International cost of living and hardship / quality of living data for 780 global locations. We provide internet friendly services and our employees work virtually, keeping you safe, enabling you with technology that delivers faster.

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Cost of Living Allowance Report Calculator
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International Assignment Report Calculator
Salary Purchasing Power Parity Report Calculator
Hypothetical International Tax Calculator Report Calculator
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Articles & Rankings
Cost of Living Articles and Rankings

-International City Cost of Living Rankings

-Regional Cost of Living Rankings (Africa;
America; Asia Pacific; Europe; Middle East)

-Latest Inflation Rates around the world

-Latest Personal Income Tax Rates

-Cost of Living Rankings by Basket

-Articles related to cost of living
and expatriate life

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Cost of Living Reviews by City and Country for 780 International Locations

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About Us

What is Xpatulator.com?

We help people who need cost of living information to help them calculate personalised cost of living indexes/differences, salaries and allowances when moving to a different part of the world.

The difference in the cost of living between any two locations is not the same for everybody. The cost of living is different for every basket group (i.e. the difference in housing costs is not the same as the difference in grocery costs or transport costs). Take the cost of living in Hong Kong as an example. Hong Kong is extremely expensive if housing is included, but the cost of living is only slightly above average if housing is excluded. It is therefore critical to be able to select which baskets/expenses are applicable when calculating the cost of living difference between any two locations.

There is a vast amount of data available via online shopping, official governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as many statutory and non-statutory statistical organisations etc, all of which is difficult to make sense of. There are also several large consulting groups who charge a great deal for their data, primarily targetting large corporates who typically have large numbers of international assignees. There are also several free websites who ask users for price information and provide free average prices.

We realized that individuals and small to medium sized organisations in particular, were left to either piece together various sources of statistical data or alternatively use one of the free websites in the hope that the data would be reliable. For most people the large consulting groups are too costly, complex, and take too long to provide information.

Xpatulator.com® came into being to provide consistent, reliable, high quality but reasonably priced and useful cost of living, hardship and exchange rate information which is accessible to all, online, via our easy to use calculators.

Why use Xpatulator.com?

1) You could do it yourself: There is raw data via online shopping, official governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as many statutory and non-statutory statistical organisations etc, all of which is difficult to make sense of if this is not your area of expertise. This information is time consuming to collect and difficult to maintain in the long-term.

2) You could use Consultants: There are consulting groups who serve corporate clients (not individuals) charge annual subscriptions which can be expensive. The traditional consultant approach takes a long time when reports are prepared manually and tend to provide more detailed information than clients actually require.

3) Why pay? There are Free Websites: There are free websites who rely on users adding price information and in return provide free average prices and indexes. These sites tend to be error prone. Prices are often submitted for incorrect quantities or in the wrong currency. Free sites allow anybody to submit data. If you are a professional / management level expatriate, the cost of living experienced by local workers will be very different to your cost of living.

4) We manually collect and quality assure the cost of living data ourselves. Our quality is not only better than the free sites, it is also calculated based on the cost of living applicable to international professionals / managers.

5)We organize the data into easy to use basket groups and allow you to select the baskets that are applicable so as to ensure the cost of living calculation is based on the actual costs paid from the salary.

6)You do not need to wait for a consultant to prepare your report. Our customers are both corporates and individuals. We understand your need for accuracy and speed. We deliver your report in less than 60 minutes. We are open 24 hours a day.

Want to know more?

The software behind Xpatulator.com® conducts a series of simultaneous calculations requiring only a fraction of a second. We use more than 50 types of data sources, including our Xpatulator algorithm, to organize the world's cost of living data, exchange rates and hardship data. The data is thoroughly quality assured and manually checked by Xpatulator Analysts prior to being uploaded to the website database once every 3 months.

The calculators (Salary; Allowance; Cost of Living Index) are not free, but we have kept our costs down by not maintaining expensive offices and staff around the world. We provide a 100% on-line solution and we are open for business 24 X7.

Register (which takes approximately 10 minutes), buy locations (approximately 10 to 20 minutes) and run your personalized reports using the calculators (approximately 5 to 10 minutes).

The cost of living and hardship (quality of life) data is updated quarterly.

Our online ordering procedure is handled by 2checkout.com. On-line payments can only be made using Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard). All credit card and Paypal transactions are encrypted and submit to a highly secure 2checkout.com SSL server. Please note that it may take locations up to 1 hour (minimum 30 minutes) to be loaded depending on the length of time for the transaction to be approved by your credit card company. You can check when your locations have loaded above the "Search" Block e.g. "Your Name: x locations purchased".

Xpatulator.com® was founded in 2007. Xpatulator's mission is to organize the world's cost of living indices, exchange rates and relative hardship ratings to make the data simple, accessible, and useful to all.

We cover 780 Locations in the following countries:

Afghanistan Greece Nigeria
Albania Greenland Northern Mariana Islands
Algeria Grenada Norway
Angola Guadeloupe Oman
Anguilla Guam Pakistan
Antigua and Barbuda Guatemala Palau
Argentina Guernsey Palestinian Territories
Armenia Guinea Panama
Aruba Guinea-Bissau Papua New Guinea
Australia Guyana Paraguay
Austria Haiti Peru
Azerbaijan Honduras Philippines
Bahamas Hong Kong (China) Poland
Bahrain Hungary Portugal
Bangladesh Iceland Puerto Rico
Barbados India Qatar
Belarus Indonesia Reunion
Belgium Iran Romania
Belize Iraq Russia
Benin Ireland Rwanda
Bermuda Isle of Man Saint Helena
Bhutan Israel Saint Kitts and Nevis
Bolivia Italy Saint Lucia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Jamaica Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Botswana Japan Samoa
Brazil Jersey Sao Tome and Principe
British Virgin Islands Jordan Saudi Arabia
Brunei Kazakhstan Senegal
Bulgaria Kenya Serbia
Burkina Faso Kiribati Seychelles
Burundi Korea - Democratic Republic (North) Sierra Leone
Cambodia Korea Republic (South) Singapore
Cameroon Kosovo Slovakia
Canada Kuwait Slovenia
Cape Verde Kyrgyzstan Solomon Islands
Cayman Islands Laos Somalia
Central African Republic Latvia South Africa
Chad Lebanon South Sudan
Chile Lesotho Spain
China Liberia Sri Lanka
Colombia Libya Sudan
Comoros Liechtenstein Suriname
Congo - Democratic Republic Lithuania Swaziland
Congo Luxembourg Sweden
Cook Islands Macedonia Switzerland
Costa Rica Madagascar Syria
Cote D'Ivoire Malawi Taiwan
Croatia Malaysia Tajikistan
Cuba Maldives Tanzania
Cyprus Mali Thailand
Czech Republic Malta Timor-Leste
Denmark Marshall Islands Togo
Djibouti Martinique Tonga
Dominica Mauritania Trinidad and Tobago
Dominican Republic Mauritius Tunisia
Ecuador Mexico Turkey
Egypt Micronesia Turkmenistan
El Salvador Moldova Turks and Caicos Islands
Equatorial Guinea Mongolia Tuvalu
Eritrea Montenegro Uganda
Estonia Montserrat Ukraine
Ethiopia Morocco United Arab Emirates
Falkland Islands Mozambique United Kingdom
Fiji Myanmar Uruguay
Finland Namibia US Virgin Islands
France Nauru United States of America
French Guiana Nepal Uzbekistan
French Polynesia Netherlands Antilles Vanuatu
Gabon Netherlands Venezuela
Gambia New Caledonia Vietnam
Georgia - Republic of New Zealand Yemen
Germany Nicaragua Zambia
Ghana Niger Zimbabwe