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We provide international cost of living and hardship data so that you can create reports online (24X7) using any of the calculators:

Expat Salary: Detailed international cost of living and salary comparison.

Cost of Living Comparison: Determines allowance based on cost of living difference.

International Cost of Living Index: COLI's for multiple locations using home base.

International Assignment: Global Mobility using build-up approach.

Hypothetical Tax: Effective tax rate for any country in the world.

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Mobility Calculators

Do you need a Cost of Living Comparison Calculator?

The global cost of living calculators have been created to compare the cost of living in every country and major city in the world, to help you manage short and long term assignments (page down for a description of each cost of living calculator):

Cost of Living Allowance
Cost of Living Index
International Assignment Management
Salary Purchasing Power Parity
Hypothetical Tax Calculator
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Articles & Rankings

Cost of Living Articles and Rankings

-International City Cost of Living Rankings

-Regional Cost of Living Rankings (Africa;
America; Asia Pacific; Europe; Middle East)

-Latest Inflation Rates around the world

-Latest Personal Income Tax Rates

-Cost of Living Rankings by Basket

-Articles related to cost of living
and expatriate life

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Cost of Living Reviews

Cost of Living Reviews by City and Country for 780 International Locations

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What do each of the 13 different cost of living basket consist of?

Our 13 basket groups are the result of extensive research of actual spending habits, this allows our cost of living indices to reflect a reality-based international expenditure pattern. When comparing the cost of living between two locations, the difference in the aggregate cost of all the items in each of the 13 basket groups are examined in each location, this is done by using the average reported price in each location for the same quantity of each item. Cost of living is the relative differential of the local cost of the basket groups and the ruling exchange rate between the two selected locations. The 13 different basket groups are weighted according to Expatriate expenditure norms.

These are as follows:

Alcohol and Tobacco Basket (Weight=2%)
*Cigarettes (International Brand Pack of 20)
*Cigarettes (International Brand Pack of 30)
*International Beer from a shop (330ml)
*International Beer from a Shop (500ml)
*Locally Produced Spirit at Bar (1 Glass Double Tot)
*Locally Produced Spirit a shop (1 Bottle)
*Whiskey at Bar (1 Glass Double Tot)
*Whiskey from a shop (1 Bottle)
*Wine (mid-range) at Bar (1 Glass)
*Wine (mid range) from a shop (1 Bottle)

Clothing Basket (Weight=2.4%)
*Business Suit (1 men's suit)
*Business Suit (1 women's suit)
*Business Jacket or Blazer (1 men's)
*Business Jacket (1 women's)
*Casual Long Sleeve Shirt (1 men's)
*Casual Jeans (1 men's)
*Casual Blouse (1 women's)
*Casual Summer Dress (1 women's)
*Children's Jeans (1 pair aged 10-12)
*Children's Skirt (1 pair aged 10-12)
*Children's Boys Shoes (1 pair)
*Children's Girls Shoes (1 pair)
*Coat (1 men's outdoor)
*Coat (1 women's outdoor)
*Evening Wear (1 men's suit)
*Evening Wear (1 women's suit)
*Hat (1 men's outdoor)
*Hat (1 women's outdoor)
*Shoes (international brand of running shoes)
*Shoes (office leather shoes)
*Underwear (1 men's boxer shorts)
*Underwear (1 women's Brassiere)

Communication Basket (Weight=2%)
*Monthly Phone Rental Charge (1 Domestic Landline)
*Internet Subscription Fixed Line (1 Month Standard Plan)
*Mobile Tariff (1 Minute Standard Rate)
*Mobile Data Rate (1 Meg Standard Rate)

Education Basket (Weight=5%)
*Annual Creche/Pre-School Fees (International; Private; Excluding Extras)
*Annual Primary School Fees (International; Private; Excluding Extras)
*Annual High School Fees (International; Private; Excluding Extras)
*Annual First Year Tertiary/University Fees (International; Private; Excluding Extras)

Furniture and Appliances Basket (Weight=5%)
*Dining Table and 6 Chairs (Executive)
*Home Entertainment Blu-ray Player (Sony BDP-S270 Blu-ray Player or Equivalent)
*Home Entertainment Television (46' LED HD TV)
*Kitchen Appliances Fridge Freezer (Large Double Door)
*Kitchen Appliances Iron (1 Clothing Hand Steamer Iron)
*Kitchen Appliances Light Bulb (Energy Saver e.g. 11w=60w)
*Kitchen Appliances Microwave (Medium Sized)
*Kitchen Appliances Toaster (2 Slice Toaster)
*Kitchen Appliances Vacuum Cleaner (Household Carpet Vacuum Cleaner)
*Kitchen Appliances Washing Machine (Automatic Washing Machine)
*Kitchen Appliances Kettle (Standard Electric Kettle)
*Sofa / Lounge Suite (6 Seater; Leather)

Groceries Basket (Weight=16.5%)
*Baby Consumables (Powdered Milk Formula)
*Baby Consumables (Pured Baby Food)
*Baked Goods (Packet Plain Biscuits)
*Baked Goods (500g Loaf of Brown Bread)
*Baked Goods (500g Loaf of White Bread)
*Baking (1kg Cake Flour)
*Baking (12 Large Eggs)
*Baking (1kg Sugar)
*Canned Foods (1 Tin Baked Beans)
*Canned Foods (1 Tin Fruit Salad)
*Canned Foods (1 Tin Meat Balls)
*Canned Foods (1 Tin Soup)
*Canned Foods (1 Tin Tuna)
*Cleaning Products (1 kg Automatic Clothes Washing Powder)
*Cleaning Products (1 Litre Dish-Washing Liquid)
*Cleaning Products (1 Litre Window Cleaning Liquid)
*Dairy (1kg Breakfast Cereal)
*Dairy (250g Butter)
*Dairy (1 kg Standard Cheese e.g. Cheddar)
*Dairy (1 Dozen Large Eggs)
*Dairy (1 Litre Full Cream Milk)
*Fresh Fruits (1 kg Bananas)
*Fresh Fruits (1kg Green Apples)
*Fresh Fruits (1 kg Oranges)
*Fresh Vegetables (1 Head Lettuce)
*Fresh Vegetables (1kg Potatoes/Rice/Pasta)
*Fresh Vegetables (1kg Tomatoes)
*Fruit Juices (1 Litre Apple Juice)
*Fruit Juices (1 Litre Orange Juice)
*Frozen (1kg Mixed Vegetables)
*Frozen (1kg Peas)
*Meat (1kg Beef Steak)
*Meat (1kg Leg Lamb)
*Meat (1kg Minced Beef)
*Meat (1kg Boneless, Skinless, Chicken Breast)
*Meat (1kg Whole Chicken)
*Oil & Vinegars (1 Litre Cooking Oil)
*Oil & Vinegars (1 Litre Olive Oil)
*Pet Food (2kg Dry Cat Food)
*Pet Food (5kg Dry Dog Food)
*Pre-Prepared Meals (1 Frozen Meal e.g. Lasagne)
*Sauces (500ml Jam/Marmalade)
*Sauces (500ml Tomato Ketchup)
*Sauces (500ml Soy Sauce)
*Seafood (1kg Calamari)
*Seafood (1kg Fresh Fish)
*Seafood (1kg Frozen Fish)
*Snacks (100g Bar Chocolate)
*Snacks (250g Salted Peanuts)
*Soft Drinks/Non-Alc Bev (1 Can Coke)
*Soft Drinks/Non-Alc Bev (1 Litre Carbonated/Fizzy Cola)
*Soft Drinks/Non-Alc Bev (1 Litre Carbonated/Fizzy Soft Drink)
*Soft Drinks/Non-Alc Bev (1.5 Litre Natural Mineral Water)
*Soft Drinks/Non-Alc Bev (250g Tea Bags)
*Soft Drinks/Non-Alc Bev (500g Instant Coffee)
*Soft Drinks/Non-Alc Bev (500g Ground Coffee)
*Spices & Herbs (250g Pepper)
*Spices & Herbs (250g Salt)

Healthcare Basket (Weight=5%)
*Private Practice Doctor Visit for Uninsured Patient
*Private Hospital stay per day including nursing care, medications, diagnostic tests, food, and related costs
*Non-Prescription Medicine (1 Bottle Cough Mixture)
*Non-Prescription Medicine (1 Box Plasters)
*Non-Prescription Medicine (30 Multivitamins)
*Non-Prescription Medicine (1 Tube Anti-Inflammatory)
*Non-Prescription Medicine (1 Tube Anti-Septic Ointment)
*Private Medical Insurance/Medical Aid (Contribution Member+1)

Household Accommodation Basket (Weight=30%)
*Apartment Purchase (Per M2 Central Location)
*Apartment Purchase (Per M2 Central Suburban)
*Mortgage (Annual Interest Rate)
*Rental Secure Upmarket Unfurnished Apartment Excluding Utilities (1 Bedroom Central Location)
*Rental Secure Upmarket Unfurnished Apartment Excluding Utilities (1 Bedroom Suburban Location)
*Rental Secure Upmarket Unfurnished Apartment Excluding Utilities (3 Bedroom Central Location)
*Rental Secure Upmarket Unfurnished Apartment Excluding Utilities (3 Bedroom Suburban Location)
*Rental Secure Upmarket Unfurnished House/Villa Excluding Utilities (4 Bedroom Central Location)
*Rental Secure Upmarket Unfurnished House/Villa Excluding Utilities (4 Bedroom Suburban Location)
*Utilities (Power, Water, Garbage & Local Tax for 1 Bedroom Apartment)

Miscellaneous Basket (Weight=3%)
*Domestic Help (1 Hour Part Time Salary)
*Domestic Help (1 Months Full Time Salary)
*Dry Cleaning (1 Men's 2 Piece Suit)
*Dry Cleaning (1 Men's Leather Jacket)
*Dry Cleaning (1 Women's Sued Jacket)
*Dry Cleaning (1 Women's Suit)
*Linen (1 Duve for Single Bed)
*Linen (1 Large Bath Towel)
*Linen (1 Sheet for Single Bed)
*Newspapers and Magazines (1 International Daily Newspaper)
*Newspapers and Magazines (1 International Magazine)
*Newspapers and Magazines (1 Local Daily Newspaper)
*Newspapers and Magazines (1 Local Magazine)
*Office Supplies (1 Black Inkjet Printer Cartridge)
*Office Supplies (1 Colour Inkjet Printer Cartridge)
*Office Supplies (1 Pack of 500 sheets of fine printer paper)
*Postage Stamps (1 International Airmail Stamp - Short-haul)
*Postage Stamps (1 Local Domestic Stamp)

Personal Care Basket (Weight=3%)
*Cosmetics (1 Blush Compact)
*Cosmetics (1 Lipstick)
*Haircare (1 Men's Cut and Blow Dry)
*Haircare (1 Women's Cut and Blow Dry)
*Toiletries (100ml Hair Conditioner)
*Toiletries (100ml Hair Shampoo)
*Toiletries (250g Bar of Soap)
*Toiletries Moisturiser/Sun Block (250ml Moisturising Body Lotion)
*Toiletries Moisturiser/Sun Block (50ml Factor 30 Sunblock)
*Toiletries Nappies (Disposable Nappies)
*Toiletries Nappies (Wetwipes)
*Toiletries Pain Relief Tablets (24 Tablets)
*Toiletries Toilet Paper (1 Roll Double Ply)
*Toiletries Toilet Paper (1 Roll Single Ply)
*Toiletries Toothpaste (1 Tube Toothpaste)

Recreation and Culture Basket (Weight=6%)
*Books (1 New Paperback - Fiction)
*Cinema 1 Adult Ticket (latest release international (average of on and off peak where applicable)
*Sport (1 Hour Tennis Court Hire)
*Sport (1 Month International Gym Membership for 1 Person)
*Sport (1 Round of Golf - Green Fees)
*Theatre Ticket (1 Ticket to Evening Theatre Show)

Restaurants, Meals Out and Hotels Basket (Weight=2%)
*Hotel Rates (3 Star Daily Rate in City Hotel)
*Hotel Rates (4 Star Daily Rate in City Hotel)
*Hotel Rates (5 Star Daily Rate in City Hotel)
*Restaurant (Meal Out for 1 Inexpensive Excl Alcohol)
*Restaurant (Meal Out for 2 Mid-Range Excl Alcohol)
*Restaurant Burger Meal (International Franchise or similar)
*Restaurant Business Dinner (3 Courses for 2 at 5 Star Hotel Excl Alcohol)
*Restaurant Cappuccino (Regular, Medium)
*Take Away (1 Medium Sized Pizza)
*Take Away (1 Toasted Sandwich)
*Take Away (330 ml Water))
*Take Away (Coke/Pepsi (330ml)

Transport Basket (Weight=18%)
*Hire Purchase/Lease of Vehicle (Sedan Monthly Payment Only)
*Petrol/Diesel (1 Litre Premium Unleaded Petrol)
*Petrol/Diesel (1 Litre Premium Diesel)
*Public Transport (1 Bus Ticket 2 Stops City Centre)
*Public Transport (Taxi Start Normal Tariff)
*Public Transport (Taxi 1 Hour Standard Tariff)
*Public Transport (Monthly Pass (Central))
*Service Maintenance (Sedan Annual Maintenance)
*Tyres (1 Imported Sedan Tyre)
*Vehicle Insurance (Sedan Monthly Insurance)
*Vehicle Purchase (Price Volvo XC90 Manual New)
*Vehicle Purchase (Price Subcompact/Small / Economy (VW Golf 1.4 or Equivalent)