International Cost of Living Calculators

We provide international cost of living and hardship data so that you can create reports online (24X7) using any of the calculators:

Expat Salary: Detailed international cost of living and salary comparison.

Cost of Living Comparison: Determines allowance based on cost of living difference.

International Cost of Living Index: COLI's for multiple locations using home base.

International Assignment: Global Mobility using build-up approach.

Hypothetical Tax: Effective tax rate for any country in the world.

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Mobility Calculators

Do you need a Cost of Living Comparison Calculator?

The global cost of living calculators have been created to compare the cost of living in every country and major city in the world, to help you manage short and long term assignments (page down for a description of each cost of living calculator):

Cost of Living Allowance
Cost of Living Index
International Assignment Management
Salary Purchasing Power Parity
Hypothetical Tax Calculator
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International Cost of Living Calculator Pricing

7 Day Subscription = $39 USD$ per location (minimum of 2 locations required)

Annual Subscription = $89 USD$ per location (minimum of 2 locations required)

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Articles & Rankings

Cost of Living Articles and Rankings

-International City Cost of Living Rankings

-Regional Cost of Living Rankings (Africa;
America; Asia Pacific; Europe; Middle East)

-Latest Inflation Rates around the world

-Latest Personal Income Tax Rates

-Cost of Living Rankings by Basket

-Articles related to cost of living
and expatriate life

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Cost of Living Reviews

Cost of Living Reviews by City and Country for 780 International Locations

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How do I run the Cost of Living Index calculator to get a report?

1) Login using your username and password

2) Check that you have purchased locations

3) Select "Calculators" from the menu

4) Choose the Cost of Living Index Calculator (COLI): The COLI report calculates cost of living indexes for the locations you select using the home location you specify. You can select between 1 and all host locations. You can choose from any one of the 13 baskets or you can choose the overall cost of living index for each location.

The calculator will prompt you for the following inputs:

1) Reference Information : Give your report a reference. This will help you identify your reports for future reference.

2) Home Location: Select the location that will be the home location. All host locations will be compared to this location.

3) Host Location/s: Select all host locations that you require a cost of living index for.

4) Select which cost of living index basket/s you require. The Overall Cost of Living Index covers all 13 Cost of Living Baskets.

5) Run Report: When you are sure that all your selection criteria are correct, click on run report.

You can re-run your reports for each location purchased for the time period purchased, either seven days or an annual subscription.