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Cost of Living Articles and Rankings

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Transport Cost of Living

Transport Cost of Living

The October 2023 top 50 most expensive expatriate places for transport items such as fuel (petrol/gasoline), public transport, vehicle purchase and maintenance.

What are the most expensive places for Transport in 2023?

Copenhagen is the most expensive place for Expat Transport in the world with a Transport Cost of Living Index (COLI) of 153 (New York =100).

The international cost of living rankings (top 50) for transport items from most expensive location to least expensive are as follows:
1. Copenhagen
2. Zurich
3. Castries
4. Helsinki
5. Oslo
6. Kingstown
7. Geneva
8. George Town
9. Amsterdam
10. Singapore
11. Addis Ababa
12. London
13. Reykjavik
14. Nassau
15. Monaco
16. Bridgetown
17. San Francisco CA
18. Pyongyang
19. Paris
20. Stockholm
21. Saint George's
22. Basseterre
23. Vaduz
24. Rotterdam
25. Port Moresby
26. Oakland CA
27. San Jose CA
28. Marseille
29. Seattle WA
30. Nassau County NY
31. Hamilton
32. Nicosia
33. Lyon
34. Fort-de-France
35. Wellington
36. Nice
37. Sacramento CA
38. Sydney
39. Eugene OR
40. Honolulu, HI
41. Isle of Wight
42. Frankfurt
43. Perth
44. Nuuk
45. Milan
46. Riverside City CA
47. Saint John's
48. Hamburg
49. Aberdeen
50. Khartoum

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