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International Assignment: Global Mobility using build-up approach.

Hypothetical Tax: Effective tax rate for any country in the world.

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-Latest Personal Income Tax Rates

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International City Cost of Living for Expatriate Professional Migrants

The top 10 most expensive cities in the world as at October 2018 are as follows:

  • Singapore is the most expensive city in the world for an expatriate professional migrant to live in as at October 2018, followed by Luanda and Hong Kong. The top ten most expensive cities in the world comprise three from Asia-Pacific, Singapore (1); Hong Kong (3); Tokyo (8), one from Africa, Luanda (2), four from Europe, Oslo (4); Zurich (5); Geneva (6); Monaco (10), and two from America, Hamilton (7); Manhattan (9).

  • An Expatriate is defined as “a person who lives outside their native country” [Oxford Dictionary]. The word comes from the Latin terms ex ("out of") and patria ("country, fatherland"). A more modern description of an expatriate is perhaps a “professional migrant”, someone who voluntarily lives outside their country in order to take up a job opportunity and a better or at the very least a similar, quality of life. An expatriate professional migrant is different to an immigrant in that they intend returning to their home country and do not therefore consider themselves to be local in their host country.

  • This quarterly survey by Xpatulator.com of cost of living world-wide is based on expatriate professional migrant spending as opposed to local people’s spending. The difference between these two groups is that an expatriate professional migrant tends to pay a premium for “international” brands ideally from their home country, and they tend to make use of premium service providers such as up-market medical practices, international schools, and most prefer to live in exclusive, secure accommodation in order to maintain the quality of life to which they are accustomed back home. The survey covers over 200 items grouped into 13 cost of living baskets.The cost of living information is used by Xpatulator.com subscribers to calculate cost of living differences between global home and host locations for expatriate professional migrants. Cost of living differences are key to calculating expatriate pay for international assignments.

    Singapore is the most expensive city in the world for Expatriate’s to live. Singapore's education system, which is widely regarded as the best in the world, is also the most expensive for expatriates when priced in US Dollars, the cost of housing is also extremely high due to the limited space and premium on high quality expatriate accommodation, while the complex Certificate of Entitlement system makes car prices excessive, resulting in Singapore’s transport costs being amongst the highest in the world.

    Luanda in Angola is the 2nd most expensive city in the world for expatriate professional migrants to live. Everything in Luanda is expensive as almost all international standard goods and services are imported. Despite the lower oil price, the slow-down in oil related projects, and dramatic reduction in revenue to Angola in 2016, prices in Luanda remain extremely high.

    Hong Kong is the third most expensive city due to the very high cost of housing and healthcare, as well as the strong Hong Kong dollar which is fixed against the US Dollar. An interesting observation is the fact that if 4 of the 13 baskets are excluded from the cost of living index calculation (namely Housing, Education, Medical and Transport) then Hong Kong drops out of the top 10 most expensive cities in the world. This illustrates that not everything in Hong Kong is expensive. It is therefore very important it is to ensure that the correct baskets are included in a cost of living index calculation. In running Xpatulator.com reports users will see that any of the 13 baskets can be included or excluded as needed. If for example an expatriate professional migrant is provided with housing, education (schooling for children) and medical insurance by their employer, then these baskets should be excluded from the cost of living calculation. Only those baskets that the employee will spend their salary on should be included in a cost of living index for an international assignment.

    Xpatulator.com has been created to calculate expatriate pay using online calculators and an extensive database of cost of living and hardship indexes, for 780 international locations. The database is updated quarterly. Subscribers use this information to ensure expatriate salary spending power is maintained when on an international assignment. Salary spending power is affected by cost of living, hardship and exchange rate differences between the home and host location.

    Top 400 City Rankings as at 1 October 2018 - Overall cost of living Index - All 13 Baskets:

    1. Singapore (Singapore-Asia-Pacific)
    2. Luanda (Angola-Africa)
    3. Hong Kong (China-Asia-Pacific)
    4. Oslo (Norway-Europe)
    5. Zurich (Switzerland-Europe)
    6. Geneva (Switzerland-Europe)
    7. Hamilton (Bermuda-Americas)
    8. Tokyo (Japan-Asia-Pacific)
    9. New York (Manhattan) NY (USA-Americas)
    10. Monaco (Monaco-Europe)
    11. Bangui (Central African Republic-Africa)
    12. Freetown (Sierra Leone-Africa)
    13. San Jose CA (USA-Americas)
    14. Sydney (Australia-Asia-Pacific)
    15. Shanghai (China-Asia-Pacific)
    16. Copenhagen (Denmark-Europe)
    17. Yokohama (Japan-Asia-Pacific)
    18. George Town (Cayman Islands-Americas)
    19. Osaka (Japan-Asia-Pacific)
    20. Nassau (the Bahamas-Americas)
    21. San Francisco CA (USA-Americas)
    22. Honolulu, HI (USA-Americas)
    23. Libreville (Gabon-Africa)
    24. Nagoya (Japan-Asia-Pacific)
    25. Kobe (Japan-Asia-Pacific)
    26. Kyoto (Japan-Asia-Pacific)
    27. Asmara (Eritrea-Africa)
    28. London (United Kingdom-Europe)
    29. USA (Americas)
    30. Canberra (Australia-Asia-Pacific)
    31. Kingstown (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-Americas)
    32. Accra (Ghana-Africa)
    33. Solomon Islands (Asia-Pacific)
    34. New York (Brooklyn) NY (USA-Americas)
    35. Brazzaville (Congo-Africa)
    36. Basseterre (Saint Kitts and Nevis-Americas)
    37. Maputo (Mozambique-Africa)
    38. Paris (France-Europe)
    39. Melbourne (Australia-Asia-Pacific)
    40. Saint John's (Antigua and Barbuda-Americas)
    41. Monrovia (Liberia-Africa)
    42. Perth (Australia-Asia-Pacific)
    43. New York (Queens) NY (USA-Americas)
    44. Bridgetown (Barbados-Americas)
    45. USA (Americas)
    46. Saint George's (Grenada-Americas)
    47. Vaduz (Liechtenstein-Europe)
    48. Noumea (New Caledonia-Asia-Pacific)
    49. China (Asia-Pacific)
    50. Brisbane (Australia-Asia-Pacific)
    51. Auckland (New Zealand-Asia-Pacific)
    52. Wellington (New Zealand-Asia-Pacific)
    53. Seoul (Republic of Korea-Asia-Pacific)
    54. Khartoum (Sudan-Africa)
    55. Helsinki (Finland-Europe)
    56. Stockholm (Sweden-Europe)
    57. Toronto (Canada-Americas)
    58. Guam (Asia-Pacific)
    59. Jerusalem (Israel-Middle East)
    60. N'Djamena (Chad-Africa)
    61. Beijing (China-Asia-Pacific)
    62. Adelaide (Australia-Asia-Pacific)
    63. Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo-Africa)
    64. Jersey (Europe)
    65. Fort-de-France (Martinique-Americas)
    66. Russia (Europe)
    67. Democratic Republic of Korea (Asia-Pacific)
    68. Vancouver (Canada-Americas)
    69. Daegu (Republic of Korea-Asia-Pacific)
    70. Mogadishu (Somalia-Africa)
    71. Papeete (French Polynesia-Asia-Pacific)
    72. Incheon (Republic of Korea-Asia-Pacific)
    73. Doha (Qatar-Middle East)
    74. Vienna (Austria-Europe)
    75. Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates-Middle East)
    76. Nuuk (Greenland-Europe)
    77. Sao Tome (Sao Tome and Principe-Americas)
    78. Luxembourg (Luxembourg-Europe)
    79. Djibouti (Africa)
    80. Orange County CA (USA-Americas)
    81. Nassau County NY (USA-Americas)
    82. Iceland (Europe)
    83. Busan (Republic of Korea-Asia-Pacific)
    84. Comoros (Africa)
    85. Germany (Europe)
    86. Nigeria (Africa)
    87. Dubai (United Arab Emirates-Middle East)
    88. Kingston (Jamaica-Americas)
    89. Christchurch (New Zealand-Asia-Pacific)
    90. Roseau (Dominica-Americas)
    91. Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea-Asia-Pacific)
    92. Taipei (Taiwan-Asia-Pacific)
    93. Amsterdam (Netherlands-Europe)
    94. Oakland CA (USA-Americas)
    95. Brussels (Belgium-Europe)
    96. Washington-Arlington-Alexandria DC-VA (USA-Americas)
    97. Trinidad and Tobago (Americas)
    98. Rome (Italy-Europe)
    99. Japan (Asia-Pacific)
    100. Calgary (Canada-Americas)
    101. Dublin (Ireland-Europe)
    102. Germany (Europe)
    103. USA (Americas)
    104. Funafuti (Tuvalu-Asia-Pacific)
    105. Turkmenistan (Asia-Pacific)
    106. Los Angeles-Long Beach CA (USA-Americas)
    107. Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe-Americas)
    108. Bujumbura (Burundi-Africa)
    109. Apia (Samoa-Asia-Pacific)
    110. Zanzibar (Tanzania-Africa)
    111. Lebanon (Middle East)
    112. Edmonton (Canada-Americas)
    113. Port-au-Prince (Haiti-Americas)
    114. Lusaka (Zambia-Africa)
    115. Kano (Nigeria-Africa)
    116. Gibraltar (Gibraltar-Europe)
    117. Fukuoka (Japan-Asia-Pacific)
    118. Ibadan (Nigeria-Africa)
    119. Niamey (Niger-Africa)
    120. Hamburg (Germany-Europe)
    121. Stuttgart (Germany-Europe)
    122. Conakry (Guinea-Africa)
    123. Seattle WA (USA-Americas)
    124. Jamestown (Saint Helena-Africa)
    125. Montreal (Canada-Americas)
    126. Palestinian Territories (Middle East)
    127. Sao Paulo (Brazil-Americas)
    128. Palau (Asia-Pacific)
    129. Dili (Timor-Leste-Asia-Pacific)
    130. Anchorage AK (USA-Americas)
    131. Lilongwe (Malawi-Africa)
    132. Nice (France-Europe)
    133. Uruguay (Americas)
    134. Palikir (Micronesia-Asia-Pacific)
    135. Douglas (Isle of Man-Europe)
    136. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil-Americas)
    137. Cologne (Germany-Europe)
    138. Male (Maldives-Asia-Pacific)
    139. Sapporo (Japan-Asia-Pacific)
    140. San Juan (Puerto Rico-Americas)
    141. Philadelphia PA (USA-Americas)
    142. Majuro (Marshall Islands-Asia-Pacific)
    143. Amman (Jordan-Middle East)
    144. Zimbabwe (Africa)
    145. Boston MA (USA-Americas)
    146. Addis Ababa (Ethiopia-Africa)
    147. Castries (Saint Lucia-Americas)
    148. United Kingdom (Europe)
    149. Hartford CT (USA-Americas)
    150. Toluca (Mexico-Americas)
    151. Suva (Fiji-Asia-Pacific)
    152. Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso-Africa)
    153. Port Vila (Vanuatu-Asia-Pacific)
    154. Belmopan (Belize-Americas)
    155. Manchester (United Kingdom-Europe)
    156. Abuja (Nigeria-Africa)
    157. Bonn (Germany-Europe)
    158. San Marino (Europe)
    159. Stanley (Falkland Islands-Americas)
    160. Berlin (Germany-Europe)
    161. Marseille (France-Europe)
    162. Damascus (Syria-Middle East)
    163. Glasgow (United Kingdom-Europe)
    164. Wuhan (China-Asia-Pacific)
    165. Netherlands (Europe)
    166. Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic-Americas)
    167. Dar es Salaam (Tanzania-Africa)
    168. Vladivostok (Russia-Europe)
    169. USA (Americas)
    170. New Haven CT (USA-Americas)
    171. Brasilia (Brazil-Americas)
    172. Cayenne (French Guiana-Americas)
    173. Toulouse (France-Europe)
    174. Vientiane (Laos-Asia-Pacific)
    175. Avarua (Cook Islands-Asia-Pacific)
    176. Aberdeen (United Kingdom-Europe)
    177. Saipan (Northern Mariana Islands-Asia-Pacific)
    178. Dakar (Senegal-Africa)
    179. Yangon (Myanmar-Asia-Pacific)
    180. Edinburgh (United Kingdom-Europe)
    181. Burlington-Chittenden Co, VT (USA-Americas)
    182. Dutchess County NY (USA-Americas)
    183. Shenzhen (China-Asia-Pacific)
    184. Saudi Arabia (Middle East)
    185. Ottawa (Canada-Americas)
    186. Malabo (Equatorial Guinea-Africa)
    187. Muscat (Oman-Middle East)
    188. Milan (Italy-Europe)
    189. Mexico (Americas)
    190. Yaren (Nauru-Asia-Pacific)
    191. Buenos Aires (Argentina-Americas)
    192. Luton (United Kingdom-Europe)
    193. Genoa (Italy-Europe)
    194. France (Europe)
    195. Velletta (Malta-Europe)
    196. Manama (Bahrain-Middle East)
    197. Middlesex-Monmouth NJ (USA-Americas)
    198. France (Europe)
    199. Lisbon (Portugal-Europe)
    200. USA (Americas)
    201. Tripoli (Libya-Africa)
    202. Saudi Arabia (Middle East)
    203. Panama City (Panama-Americas)
    204. Santiago (Chile-Americas)
    205. Guildford (United Kingdom-Europe)
    206. United Kingdom (Europe)
    207. Southampton (United Kingdom-Europe)
    208. St Peter Port (Guernsey-Europe)
    209. Johannesburg (South Africa-Africa)
    210. Cotonou (Benin-Africa)
    211. Douala (Cameroon-Africa)
    212. Milton Keynes (United Kingdom-Europe)
    213. United Kingdom (Europe)
    214. Dammam (Saudi Arabia-Middle East)
    215. Nantes (France-Europe)
    216. Chicago IL (USA-Americas)
    217. Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei-Asia-Pacific)
    218. Cape Town (South Africa-Africa)
    219. Nairobi (Kenya-Africa)
    220. Reading (United Kingdom-Europe)
    221. Madrid (Spain-Europe)
    222. Lima (Peru-Americas)
    223. Kuwait City (Kuwait-Middle East)
    224. Pretoria (South Africa-Africa)
    225. Seychelles (Africa)
    226. Coventary (United Kingdom-Europe)
    227. United Kingdom (Europe)
    228. Malaysia (Asia-Pacific)
    229. United Kingdom (Europe)
    230. Paramaribo (Suriname-Americas)
    231. Portland ME (USA-Americas)
    232. Minsk (Belarus-Europe)
    233. Portsmouth (United Kingdom-Europe)
    234. Johor Bahru (Malaysia-Asia-Pacific)
    235. Derby (United Kingdom-Europe)
    236. Sacramento CA (USA-Americas)
    237. Turin (Italy-Europe)
    238. Newcastle upon Tyne (United Kingdom-Europe)
    239. Spain (Europe)
    240. San Jose (Costa Rica-Americas)
    241. Fort Lauderdale FL (USA-Americas)
    242. Naples (Italy-Europe)
    243. United Kingdom (Europe)
    244. Bloemfontein (South Africa-Africa)
    245. United Kingdom (Europe)
    246. Cordoba (Argentina-Americas)
    247. St. Petersburg (Russia-Europe)
    248. USA (Americas)
    249. Mecca (Saudi Arabia-Middle East)
    250. Miami-Dade County FL (USA-Americas)
    251. Kingston upon Hull (United Kingdom-Europe)
    252. Mexico City (Mexico-Americas)
    253. Estonia (Europe)
    254. Leeds (United Kingdom-Europe)
    255. Baltimore MD (USA-Americas)
    256. Bakersfield CA (USA-Americas)
    257. Guatemala City (Guatemala-Americas)
    258. Bissau (Guinea-Bissau-Africa)
    259. Las Vegas NV (USA-Americas)
    260. United Kingdom (Europe)
    261. Wolverhampton (United Kingdom-Europe)
    262. USA (Americas)
    263. Plymouth (United Kingdom-Europe)
    264. Abidjan (Cote D'Ivoire-Africa)
    265. Antananarivo (Madagascar-Africa)
    266. Fresno CA (USA-Americas)
    267. Benghazi (Libya-Africa)
    268. Italy (Europe)
    269. Prague (Czech Republic-Europe)
    270. United Kingdom (Europe)
    271. Nicosia (Cyprus-Europe)
    272. Cardiff (United Kingdom-Europe)
    273. Bangkok (Thailand-Asia-Pacific)
    274. Tijuana (Mexico-Americas)
    275. Nottingham (United Kingdom-Europe)
    276. Leicester (United Kingdom-Europe)
    277. Lancaster PA (USA-Americas)
    278. Mexico (Americas)
    279. Jeddah (Saudi Arabia-Middle East)
    280. Bogota (Colombia-Americas)
    281. Malaysia (Asia-Pacific)
    282. USA (Americas)
    283. Minneapolis MN (USA-Americas)
    284. Zagreb (Croatia-Europe)
    285. Valencia (Spain-Europe)
    286. Almaty (Kazakhstan-Asia-Pacific)
    287. Kiev (Ukraine-Europe)
    288. South Africa (Africa)
    289. Dalian (China-Asia-Pacific)
    290. Denver CO (USA-Americas)
    291. Lome (Togo-Africa)
    292. USA (Americas)
    293. Lille (France-Europe)
    294. Dhaka (Bangladesh-Asia-Pacific)
    295. Cleveland OH (USA-Americas)
    296. Tianjin (China-Asia-Pacific)
    297. United Kingdom (Europe)
    298. Ljubljana (Slovenia-Europe)
    299. Kampala (Uganda-Africa)
    300. Novosibirsk (Russia-Europe)
    301. Guangzhou (China-Asia-Pacific)
    302. USA (Americas)
    303. Klang (Malaysia-Asia-Pacific)
    304. Guadalajara (Mexico-Americas)
    305. Reno-Sparks NV (USA-Americas)
    306. Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia-Asia-Pacific)
    307. USA (Americas)
    308. USA (Americas)
    309. USA (Americas)
    310. Columbia SC (USA-Americas)
    311. Manila (Philippines-Asia-Pacific)
    312. Charleston WV (USA-Americas)
    313. Cape Coral-Fort Myers FL (USA-Americas)
    314. Jakarta (Indonesia-Asia-Pacific)
    315. York County PA (USA-Americas)
    316. Nizhny Novgorod (Russia-Europe)
    317. Plano TX (USA-Americas)
    318. Wilmington NC (USA-Americas)
    319. Rosario (Argentina-Americas)
    320. Port Elizabeth (South Africa-Africa)
    321. South Tarawa (Kiribati-Asia-Pacific)
    322. Andorra (Europe)
    323. Brazil (Americas)
    324. Bratislava (Slovakia-Europe)
    325. Hanoi (Vietnam-Asia-Pacific)
    326. Mauritania (Africa)
    327. USA (Americas)
    328. Thessaloniki (Greece-Europe)
    329. Charleston SC (USA-Americas)
    330. Colombo (Sri Lanka-Asia-Pacific)
    331. Asuncion (Paraguay-Americas)
    332. Bradenton FL (USA-Americas)
    333. Cambodia (Asia-Pacific)
    334. Baghdad (Iraq-Middle East)
    335. USA (Americas)
    336. Orlando FL (USA-Americas)
    337. Athens (Greece-Europe)
    338. Fayetteville NC (USA-Americas)
    339. USA (Americas)
    340. USA (Americas)
    341. Gainesville FL (USA-Americas)
    342. Jacksonville FL (USA-Americas)
    343. Myrtle Beach SC (USA-Americas)
    344. Asheville NC (USA-Americas)
    345. Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam-Asia-Pacific)
    346. Vilnius (Lithuania-Europe)
    347. Arlington TX (USA-Americas)
    348. Fort Worth TX (USA-Americas)
    349. Mombasa (Kenya-Africa)
    350. St. Louis MO (USA-Americas)
    351. Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan-Asia-Pacific)
    352. La Paz (Bolivia-Americas)
    353. Baku (Azerbaijan-Europe)
    354. Puebla (Mexico-Americas)
    355. Iran (Middle East)
    356. Charlotte NC (USA-Americas)
    357. Salt Lake City UT (USA-Americas)
    358. Yaounde (Cameroon-Africa)
    359. Kennewick-Richland-Pasco WA (USA-Americas)
    360. Yerevan (Armenia-Europe)
    361. Windhoek (Namibia-Africa)
    362. Pittsburgh PA (USA-Americas)
    363. Hampton Roads-SE Virginia VA (USA-Americas)
    364. Martinsburg-Berkeley County WV (USA-Americas)
    365. Phoenix AZ (USA-Americas)
    366. Dallas TX (USA-Americas)
    367. Spokane WA (USA-Americas)
    368. Cincinnati OH (USA-Americas)
    369. Samara (Russia-Europe)
    370. Chisinau (Moldova-Europe)
    371. Belo Horizonte (Brazil-Americas)
    372. Green Bay WI (USA-Americas)
    373. Columbus OH (USA-Americas)
    374. Pristina (Kosovo-Europe)
    375. Gaborone (Botswana-Africa)
    376. Riga (Latvia-Europe)
    377. Appleton WI (USA-Americas)
    378. Detroit MI (USA-Americas)
    379. Erie PA (USA-Americas)
    380. Winston-Salem NC (USA-Americas)
    381. Richmond VA (USA-Americas)
    382. Buffalo NY (USA-Americas)
    383. Little Rock-North Little Rock AR (USA-Americas)
    384. Cedar Rapids IA (USA-Americas)
    385. Mbabane (Swaziland-Africa)
    386. Turkey (Europe)
    387. Midland TX (USA-Americas)
    388. Rockford IL (USA-Americas)
    389. USA (Americas)
    390. Tucson AZ (USA-Americas)
    391. Colorado Springs CO (USA-Americas)
    392. Wichita KS (USA-Americas)
    393. Dayton OH (USA-Americas)
    394. Greenville SC (USA-Americas)
    395. USA (Americas)
    396. Savannah GA (USA-Americas)
    397. Houston TX (USA-Americas)
    398. Austin TX (USA-Americas)
    399. Kansas City MO (USA-Americas)
    400. Montgomery AL (USA-Americas)

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