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Cost of Living July 2012

The most expensive place to live in July 2012 is Hong Kong based on the overall cost of living, encompassing all cost of living baskets. Moscow is the most expensive based on the cost of living excluding the housing, education, healthcare and transport baskets. Many companies cover these costs on behalf of the employee while on international assignments.

The cost of housing in Hong Kong is one of the largest contributors to making Hong Kong the most expensive place to live overall. Hong Kong is approximately 5% more expensive than Tokyo based on the overall cost of living including household accommodation, however if the housing, education, healthcare and transport baskets are excluded, Tokyo is actually around 27% more expensive than Hong Kong. Household accommodation comprises 30% of the overall cost of living index. Hong Kong is very expensive for household accommodation. A 3 bedroomed apartment in Hong Kong costs around 46,000 HKD / 6,000 USD per month to rent compared 300,000 JPY / 3,800 USD in Tokyo, 4,000 AUD/USD in Sydney and 2,700 EUR / 3,400 USD in Zurich.

In January 2008, 1 Japanese Yen bought USD 0.009, by January 2012 the Yen had strengthened by 44% to 0.013 USD. The positive impact on expatriates based in Japan is that imported goods priced in USD would have become a great deal cheaper in local currency. However expatriates earning US Dollar salary packages will have seen a significant drop salary when converted to local currency, unless assignment salary adjustments were made. In January 2008 an expat based in Japan, earning 100,000 USD per annum, was on the equivalent of around 11.1 million JPY using the ruling exchange rate at the time. If no adjustment was made to the 100,000 USD, the equivalent in January 2012 converted to local currency was 7.7 million JPY which represents a considerable drop in purchasing power. During this period Japan's inflation has ranged between 0.1% and 1.3% per annum. The impact of the significant change in the exchange rate from 2008 to 2012 is that in order to maintain purchasing power in Japan at 2008 levels, the 100,000 USD expatriate salary package would have to be increased to around 144,000 USD in 2012. To provide an assignee, sent from a low cost of living location to a more expensive country, with a similar purchasing power to what they have in their home country, requires an adjustment to their assignment salary. The amount of adjustment depends on which country they come from. The larger the difference in cost of living, the larger the adjustment required to ensure a similar level of purchasing power in the host country. For example an assignee sent from Houston with a cost of living index of 67.43 to Tokyo with a cost of living index of 142.12 would experience around 110% (i.e. more than double) increase in the cost of living. Therefore as at July 2012 an assignee earning 100,000 USD in Houston would need to earn around 210,000 USD in Tokyo to have the same purchasing power as they had in Houston.

Zurich, 3rd most expensive overall and most expensive in Europe, is particularly expensive for groceries, restaurants meals out, hotels and transport. For example a cappucino costs around 4.20 EUR / 5.30 USD in Zurich compared to 4.40 USD in Moscow, 2.35 GBP / 3.70 USD in London and 3.60 USD in New York. A litre of petrol / gasoline costs around 1.60 EUR / 2.00 USD in Zurich compared to 0.95 USD in Moscow, 1.30 GBP / 2.04 USD in London and 1.02 USD in New York.

Caracas, 5th most expensive overall and most expensive in the Americas, is particularly expensive for clothing, education and groceries. For example a litre of milk costs around 1.50 USD and a loaf of white bread 1.80 USD in Caracas compared to 0.90 GBP / 1.40 USD and 1.03 GBP / 1.62 USD respectively in London. Not everything in Caracas is expensive. For example a litre of petrol which costs around 0.13 USD in Caracas, costs around 1.02 USD in New York.

Sao Paulo, 10th most expensive overall and 2nd most expensive in the Americas, is particularly expensive for clothing, furniture, appliances, and personal care. In addition a litre of petrol/gasoline costs around 1.45 USD in Sao Paulo compared to 0.60 in Luanda, 0.47 in Abu Dhabi and 0.27 USD in Doha.

Luanda is the most expensive place in Africa with an overall cost of living index of 116.01 which is similar to cities such as Brisbane, Copenhagen and Kobe in Japan. In comparison London is 1.5% more expensive, New York 14% cheaper and Cape Town 22% cheaper than Luanda.

Luanda,  is particularly expensive for restaurants, meals out and hotels. For example a cappucino costs around 4.40 USD in Luanda and around 3.70 AUD/USD in Brisbane. Household accommodation is also expensive in Luanda. For example a 3 bedroomed apartment in Luanda costs around 7,000 USD rent per month compared to Copenhagen at around 1,900 EUR / 2,400 USD per month. Not everything in Luanda is expensive. For example a litre of petrol which costs around 0.60 USD in Luanda costs around 190 JPY / 2.40 USD in Kobe in Japan.

Abu Dhabi is the most expensive place in the Middle East. Abu Dhabi's overall cost of living index of 101.68 is similar to cities such as Rome, San Francisco and Montreal. On the other hand London is 18% more expensive, New York 1.7% cheaper and Cape Town 11% cheaper than Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi is particularly expensive for restaurants, meals out and hotels. For example a cappucino costs around 18 AED / 4.90 USD in Abu Dhabi and around 1.30 EUR / 1.63 USD in Rome. Household accommodation is also expensive in Abu Dhabi. For example a 3 bedroomed apartment in Abu Dhabi costs around 14,000 AED / 3,800 USD rent per month compared to Rome at around 2,400 EUR / 3,000 USD per month. On the other hand a litre of milk which costs around 4.5 AED / 1.20 USD in Abu Dhabi costs around 1.5 EUR / 1.88 USD in Rome.

Mumbai is the most expensive place in South Asia, but is still considered much cheaper than many western cities. Mumbai's overall cost of living index of 81.41 is significantly lower than cities such as London (48% more expensive), Rome (25% more expensive), New York (23% more expensive) and Cape Town (11% more expensive). Although, within the context of the region, Mumbai is considered particularly expensive for household accommodation and groceries, a 3 bedroomed apartment in Mumbai costs around 67,000 INR / 1,200 USD rent per month compared to Rome at around 2,400 EUR / 3,000 USD per month. Similarly a litre of milk which costs around 40 INR / 0.72 USD in Mumbai costs around 10 ZAR / 1.20 USD in Cape Town.

The latest international cost of living rankings are based on data collected for 780 international locations, covering every country world-wide.

The cost of living (COL) data collected is representative of an expatriate lifestyle. The components of the COL data are local prices for fixed quantities of the same goods and services in each location, local inflation and exchange rates. Prices in each location are affected by availability (i.e. supply & demand) as well as local pricing regulations and taxes on goods and services (e.g.premiums on luxury brands). Local inflation is usually representative of local price increases which in turn impacts an expatriates purchasing power in the host country. The exchange rate impacts both the price of imports to the host country and the expatriate assignment salary calculation between the home and host country. The cost of living has a significant impact on the purchasing power of an expatriate’s salary package.

As the overall most expensive place to live, Hong Kong has an overall cost of living index of 149.14, followed by Tokyo with 142.12, and Zurich with 137.12. The overall index is comprised of 13 different basket groups. The assumption using the overall index is that everything is paid from the salary package. In addition, the cost of living calculations are weighted according to typical monthly international expatriate spending patterns. The Household Accommodation Basket for example, has a weighting of 30%, while the Groceries Basket has a weighting of 16.5%. That means that an international expatriate who, for example, earns 10,000 would typically spend 3,000 (30% of 10,000) on housing and 1,650 on groceries.

Of the top 50 most expensive destinations to live based on the overall cost of living, Asia-Pacific has 25 locations, Europe 12, the Americas 9, and Africa 4. The most expensive city in the Middle East is Abu Dhabi ranked 77, while in South Asia it is Mumbai ranked 345.

The top 50 Most expensive locations to live - Overall Cost of Living & All Baskets:

  1. China, Hong Kong
  2. Japan, Tokyo
  3. Switzerland, Zurich
  4. Switzerland, Geneva
  5. Venezuela, Caracas
  6. Australia, Sydney
  7. Australia, Canberra
  8. Japan, Yokohama
  9. Brazil, Sao Paulo
  10. Singapore, Singapore
  11. Australia, Perth
  12. Australia, Melbourne
  13. Japan, Osaka
  14. China, Shanghai
  15. Russia, Moscow
  16. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
  17. United Kingdom, London
  18. Liechtenstein, Vaduz
  19. Japan, Nagoya
  20. Denmark, Copenhagen
  21. Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby
  22. Angola, Luanda
  23. Japan, Kobe
  24. Australia, Brisbane
  25. USA, New York (Manhattan) NY
  26. Japan, Kyoto
  27. Japan, Kawasaki
  28. New Zealand, Wellington
  29. Brazil, Brasilia
  30. Norway, Oslo
  31. New Zealand, Auckland
  32. Korea Republic of, Seoul
  33. USA, New York (Brooklyn) NY
  34. Korea Republic of, Daegu
  35. Korea Republic of, Incheon
  36. Japan, Fukuoka
  37. Australia, Adelaide
  38. Nigeria, Abuja
  39. Canada, Toronto
  40. Korea Republic of, Busan
  41. Nigeria, Lagos
  42. USA, Honolulu HI
  43. Monaco, Monaco
  44. Taiwan, Taipei
  45. Micronesia, Palikir
  46. Japan, Sapporo
  47. Sweden, Stockholm
  48. Canada, Vancouver
  49. France, Paris
  50. Canada, Edmonton


About Xpatulator.com’s Cost of Living Data

Xpatulator.com’s cost of living data is based on prices for the same quantity and quality of goods and services, representative of expatriate lifestyle, in each city. The data is collected and updated on a quarterly basis. The cost of living data is used by Xpatulator.com clients to calculate salary purchasing power parity, cost of living allowances, and customized (i.e. clients can select their own base city) cost of living indexes for expatriate assignments online, using Xpatulator.com’s 3 premium content calculators.

The 13 basket groups do not count equally and are weighted according to expatriate expenditure norms as follows (weighting percentage is in brackets):
1. Alcohol & Tobacco (2%): Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.
2. Clothing (2.5%): Clothing and footwear products.
3. Communication (2%): Telephone, Internet, Mobile Contract and Calls.
4. Education (5%): Creche Fees, School Fees, College Fees, and Tertiary Study Fees.
5. Furniture & Appliances (5%): Furniture, household equipment and appliances.
6. Groceries (16.5%): Food, non-alcoholic beverages and cleaning materials.
7. Healthcare (5%): Doctor Consultation rates, Private Ward Rate, Prescription Medicine, and Private Medical Insurance Contributions.
8. Household (30%): Housing rental, utilities, local rates and residential taxes.
9. Miscellaneous (3%): Stationary, Linen and general goods and services.
10. Personal Care (3%): Personal Care products and services.
11. Recreation & Culture (6%): Books, Camera Film, Cinema Ticket, DVD and CD’s, Sports goods, Theatre Tickets.
12. Restaurants Meals Out and Hotels (2%): Dinner at Restaurant (non fast food), Hotel Rates, Take Away, Drinks & Snacks (fast Food).
13. Transport (18%): Public Transport, Vehicle Costs, Vehicle Fuel, Vehicle Insurance and Vehicle Maintenance.

About Xpatulator.com
Xpatulator.com is the most comprehensive source of international cost of living information. We provide free international cost of living overviews and rank information covering 13 cost of living baskets and every country around the world as well as premium content calculators.
Founded in 2007, Xpatulator.com’s mission is to organize the world’s cost of living indices, exchange rates and relative hardship indices and make it accessible and useful to all.
The full July 2012 overall cost of living rank for all international locations using all 13 baskets is as follows:

1 China, Hong Kong
2 Japan, Tokyo
3 Switzerland, Zurich
4 Switzerland, Geneva
5 Venezuela, Caracas
6 Switzerland, All Areas
7 Australia, Sydney
8 Australia, Canberra
9 Japan, Yokohama
10 Brazil, Sao Paulo
11 Venezuela, All Areas
12 Singapore, Singapore
13 Australia, Perth
14 Australia, Melbourne
15 Japan, Osaka
16 China, Shanghai
17 Russia, Moscow
18 Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
19 United Kingdom, London
20 Liechtenstein, Vaduz
21 Japan, Nagoya
22 Denmark, Copenhagen
23 Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby
24 Angola, Luanda
25 Liechtenstein, All Areas
26 Japan, Kobe
27 Denmark, All Areas
28 Australia, Brisbane
29 USA, New York (Manhattan) NY
30 Japan, Kyoto
31 Japan, Kawasaki
32 New Zealand, Wellington
33 Brazil, Brasilia
34 Norway, Oslo
35 New Zealand, Auckland
36 Angola, All Areas
37 Korea Republic of, Seoul
38 USA, New York (Brooklyn) NY
39 Korea Republic of, Daegu
40 Korea Republic of, Incheon
41 Japan, Fukuoka
42 Australia, Adelaide
43 Norway, All Areas
44 Nigeria, Abuja
45 Australia, All Areas
46 Canada, Toronto
47 Korea Republic of, Busan
48 Nigeria, Lagos
49 USA, Honolulu HI
50 Monaco, Monaco
51 Japan, All Areas
52 Taiwan, Taipei
53 Micronesia, Palikir
53 Japan, Sapporo
55 Sweden, Stockholm
56 Canada, Vancouver
57 France, Paris
58 Canada, Edmonton
59 Jersey, Saint Helier
60 Canada, Calgary
61 Netherlands Antilles, All Areas
62 Austria, Vienna
63 Nigeria, Kano
64 Korea Republic of, All Areas
65 Nigeria, Ibadan
66 Jersey, All Areas
67 USA, New York (Queens) NY
68 Aruba, All Areas
69 Sweden, All Areas
70 USA, San Jose CA
71 New Zealand, All Areas
72 Montserrat, All Areas
73 New Zealand, Christchurch
74 Russia, Vladivostok
75 USA, San Francisco CA
76 Canada, All Areas
77 United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
77 Italy, Rome
79 Russia, Kaliningrad
80 Canada, Montreal
81 Isle of Man, Douglas
82 Micronesia, All Areas
83 USA, New York NY
84 Brazil, Belo Horizonte
85 Austria, All Areas
86 Sudan, Khartoum
87 Papua New Guinea, All Areas
88 Taiwan, All Areas
89 Russia, St. Petersburg
90 Bahamas, Nassau
91 USA, Hawaii All Areas HI
92 Belgium, Brussels
93 United Kingdom, Edinburgh
94 USA, Nassau County NY
94 Isle of Man, All Areas
96 Germany, Frankfurt
97 Haiti, Port-au-Prince
98 Cayman Islands, All Areas
99 Nigeria, All Areas
100 United Kingdom, Guildford
101 San Marino, San Marino
102 USA, Alaska All Areas AK
103 Russia, All Areas
104 Cook Islands, Avarua
105 Barbados, Bridgetown
106 Russia, Novosibirsk
107 Germany, Munich
108 Russia, Nizhny Novgorod
109 Canada, Ottawa
110 Solomon Islands, Honiara
111 Brazil, Fortaleza
112 Finland, Helsinki
113 Falkland Islands, Stanley
114 USA, Orange County CA
115 United Kingdom, Belfast
116 United Kingdom, Luton
117 Bahamas, All Areas
118 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Kingstown
119 Saint Kitts and Nevis, Basseterre
120 Equatorial Guinea, Malabo
120 United Kingdom, Manchester
122 Qatar, Doha
123 United Kingdom, Liverpool
124 United Kingdom, Glasgow
125 New Caledonia, Noumea
125 Belgium, All Areas
127 Samoa, Apia
128 Brazil, All Areas
129 Vanuatu, Port Vila
130 Iceland, Reykjavik
131 Brazil, Salvador
132 Grenada, Saint Georges
133 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
134 Azerbaijan, Baku
135 Germany, Hamburg
136 United Arab Emirates, All Areas
137 Cayman Islands, George Town
138 Falkland Islands, All Areas
139 Malawi, Lilongwe
140 United Arab Emirates, Dubai
141 United Kingdom, Aberdeen
142 Guernsey, St Peter Port
143 Central African Republic, Bangui
144 Saint Helena, Jamestown
145 Netherlands, Amsterdam
146 USA, Oakland CA
147 Barbados, All Areas
148 Estonia, Tallinn
149 Germany, All Areas
150 Russia, Kazan
151 Finland, All Areas
152 United Kingdom, Bristol
153 Saint Kitts and Nevis, All Areas
154 USA, Washington-Arlington-Alexandria DC-VA
155 Qatar, All Areas
156 Senegal, Dakar
157 United Kingdom, Stoke-on-Trent
158 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, All Areas
159 Luxembourg, All Areas
160 USA, Anchorage AK
161 South Africa, Johannesburg
162 United Kingdom, Leeds
163 Belarus, Minsk
164 Cote DIvoire, Abidjan
165 Croatia, Zagreb
166 Germany, Berlin
167 Germany, Cologne
168 Cook Islands, All Areas
169 Martinique, Fort-de-France
170 Iceland, All Areas
171 South Africa, Cape Town
172 USA, Los Angeles-Long Beach CA
173 United Kingdom, Newcastle upon Tyne
174 Russia, Yekaterinburg
175 Russia, Omsk
175 Czech Republic, Prague
177 Russia, Samara
178 Germany, Stuttgart
178 United Kingdom, Milton Keynes
180 Guernsey, All Areas
181 Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Johns
182 Gabon, Libreville
182 United Kingdom, Sheffield
184 British Virgin Islands, All Areas
185 China, Beijing
186 USA, California All Areas CA
187 Italy, Palermo
188 Turks and Caicos Islands, All Areas
189 Ireland, Dublin
190 Sao Tome and Principe, Sao Tome
191 Grenada, All Areas
192 USA, Boston MA
193 Kiribati, South Tarawa
194 United Kingdom, Southampton
195 Sierra Leone, Freetown
196 Bahrain, Manama
197 Bermuda, Hamilton
198 United Kingdom, Isle of Wight
199 USA, Connecticut All Areas CT
200 United Kingdom, Cardiff
201 Marshall Islands, Majuro
202 Saint Helena, All Areas
203 South Africa, Pretoria
204 USA, San Diego CA
205 Vanuatu, All Areas
206 United Kingdom, Reading
207 Nauru, Yaren
208 Haiti, All Areas
209 Turkey, Izmir
210 Timor-Leste, Dili
211 France, Nice
212 United Kingdom, Coventry
213 USA, Bergen-Passaic NJ
214 Samoa, All Areas
215 Solomon Islands, All Areas
216 Tuvalu, Funafuti
217 Congo Democratic Rep, Kinshasa
218 Croatia, All Areas
219 USA, Philadelphia PA
220 South Africa, Durban
221 Lebanon, Beirut
222 United Kingdom, Northampton
223 Malta, Valletta
224 Germany, Bonn
225 Guam, Hagatna
226 United Kingdom, All Areas
227 United Kingdom, Derby
228 Mexico, Monterrey
229 Sudan, All Areas
229 Greenland, Nuuk
231 United Kingdom, Birmingham
232 Anguilla, All Areas
233 Israel, Jerusalem
234 Eritrea, Asmara
235 USA, New Jersey All Areas NJ
236 United Kingdom, Portsmouth
237 Bermuda, All Areas
238 Jamaica, Kingston
239 Indonesia, Jakarta
240 Turkey, Mersin
241 Tanzania, Dar es Salaam
242 Turkey, Adana
243 France, Toulouse
244 France, Bordeaux
244 Italy, Genoa
246 Mali, Bamako
247 Chad, NDjamena
248 Trinidad and Tobago, Port-of-Spain
249 New Caledonia, All Areas
250 Benin, Cotonou
251 USA, New York All Areas NY
252 Iran, Tehran
253 Italy, Milan
254 USA, Hartford CT
255 Martinique, All Areas
256 Djibouti, Djibouti
257 Italy, Turin
258 Portugal, Lisbon
259 US Virgin Islands, All Areas
260 Turkey, Konya
261 USA, Maryland All Areas MD
262 United Kingdom, Preston
263 Antigua and Barbuda, All Areas
264 Ireland, All Areas
265 Spain, Madrid
266 Bahrain, All Areas
267 Malta, All Areas
268 United Kingdom, Bradford
269 USA, Middlesex-Monmouth NJ
270 USA, New Haven CT
271 Kiribati, All Areas
272 United Kingdom, Leicester
273 Uruguay, Montevideo
274 Czech Republic, All Areas
275 Turkey, Bursa
276 Uzbekistan, Tashkent
277 Tanzania, Zanzibar
278 Kuwait, Kuwait City
279 Liberia, Monrovia
280 USA, Seattle WA
281 United Kingdom, Kingston upon Hull
282 Guinea, Conakry
283 Mexico, Mexico City
284 Malawi, All Areas
285 South Africa, Port Elizabeth
286 USA, Fresno CA
287 Puerto Rico, San Juan
288 France, Marseille
289 USA, Amarillo TX
290 Cyprus, Nicosia
291 South Africa, Bloemfontein
292 USA, Chicago IL
293 Sao Tome and Principe, All Areas
294 Mexico, Puebla
295 USA, Dutchess County NY
296 France, All Areas
297 Estonia, All Areas
297 South Africa, All Areas
299 Mexico, Tijuana
300 Belarus, All Areas
301 USA, Sacramento CA
302 Cote DIvoire, All Areas
303 United Kingdom, Nottingham
304 Dominica, Roseau
305 USA, Burlington-Chittenden Co VT
306 USA, Baltimore MD
307 France, Lyon
308 Nauru, All Areas
309 France, Lille
310 Israel, All Areas
311 USA, Rhode Island All Areas RI
312 Turkey, Istanbul
313 Cape Verde, Praia
314 USA, Massachusetts All Areas MA
315 Guam, All Areas
316 Senegal, All Areas
317 Greenland, All Areas
318 Azerbaijan, All Areas
319 Jamaica, All Areas
320 France, Nantes
321 Mexico, Leon
322 Spain, Barcelona
323 Tuvalu, All Areas
324 Philippines, Manila
325 Mexico, Toluca
326 Guinea-Bissau, Bissau
327 Cyprus, All Areas
328 Turkey, Ankara
329 United Kingdom, Wolverhampton
330 Chile, Santiago
331 Eritrea, All Areas
331 USA, Vermont All Areas VT
333 United Kingdom, Plymouth
334 Equatorial Guinea, All Areas
335 Comoros, Moroni
336 Congo, Brazzaville
337 Trinidad and Tobago, All Areas
338 Togo, Lome
339 Marshall Islands, All Areas
340 Kazakhstan, Almaty
341 USA, Portland ME
342 Djibouti, All Areas
343 Mozambique, Maputo
344 Benin, All Areas
345 India, Mumbai
346 USA, Fort Lauderdale FL
347 Uruguay, All Areas
348 Saint Lucia, Castries
349 Mexico, Guadalajara
350 Congo Democratic Rep, All Areas
351 Georgia Republic of, Tbilisi
352 Guadeloupe, Basse-Terre
353 India, New Delhi
354 Mauritius, Port Louis
355 Sierra Leone, All Areas
355 USA, Riverside City CA
357 Colombia, Bogota
358 Portugal, All Areas
359 USA, Maine All Areas ME
360 USA, Manchester NH
361 Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou
362 Saint Lucia, All Areas
363 Slovakia, Bratislava
364 Cameroon, Douala
365 Italy, All Areas
366 Lebanon, All Areas
367 India, Surat
368 Brunei, Bandar Seri Begawan
369 Rwanda, Kigali
370 Peru, Lima
371 Timor-Leste, All Areas
372 Turkey, All Areas
373 French Polynesia, Papeete
374 USA, Hampton Roads-SE Virginia VA
375 Central African Republic, All Areas
376 Ukraine, Kiev
377 Kuwait, All Areas
378 USA, New Hampshire All Areas NH
379 Greece, Athens
380 India, Kanpur
381 Tanzania, All Areas
382 Ghana, Accra
383 Reunion, All Areas
384 Fiji, Suva
385 Lithuania, Vilnius
386 USA, Portland OR
387 Uzbekistan, All Areas
388 Puerto Rico, All Areas
389 Laos, Vientiane
390 India, Chennai
391 Netherlands, Rotterdam
392 India, Lucknow
393 Cuba, Havana
394 Spain, Valencia
395 Italy, Naples
396 Thailand, Bangkok
397 USA, St. Paul MN
398 USA, Oregon All Areas OR
398 Mexico, All Areas
400 Netherlands, All Areas
401 USA, Minneapolis MN
402 Greece, Thessaloniki
403 Andorra, Andorra la Vella
404 Cape Verde, All Areas
405 Comoros, All Areas
406 Spain, All Areas
407 Gabon, All Areas
408 USA, Eugene OR
409 Gibraltar, Gibraltar
410 USA, Miami-Dade County FL
411 Slovenia, Ljubljana
412 Somalia, Mogadishu
413 USA, Albany NY
414 Serbia, Belgrade
415 Liberia, All Areas
416 USA, Bakersfield CA
417 Mali, All Areas
418 Cameroon, Yaounde
419 Greece, All Areas
420 Mauritius, All Areas
421 USA, Richmond VA
422 USA, Washington All Areas WA
423 China, Wuhan
424 China, Shenzhen
425 India, Jaipur
426 USA, Lancaster PA
427 Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
428 USA, Pennsylvania All Areas PA
429 Madagascar, Antananarivo
430 Brunei, All Areas
431 Slovakia, All Areas
432 Palestinian Territories, West Bank
433 Niger, Niamey
434 Georgia Republic of, All Areas
435 USA, Delaware All Areas DE
436 Poland, Warsaw
437 Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo
438 Zambia, Lusaka
439 USA, Phoenix AZ
440 USA, Arizona All Areas AZ
441 Hungary, Budapest
442 USA, Sarasota FL
443 USA, Las Vegas NV
444 Guadeloupe, All Areas
445 Cameroon, All Areas
446 USA, Cleveland OH
447 Northern Mariana Islands, Saipan
448 Chile, All Areas
449 Lithuania, All Areas
450 USA, Nevada All Areas NV
451 USA, Indianapolis IN
452 Montenegro, Podgorica
453 South Sudan, All Areas
454 USA, Reno-Sparks NV
455 Indonesia, Bandung
456 Philippines, All Areas
457 China, Dalian
458 Dominica, All Areas
459 USA, Montana All Areas MT
460 Peru, All Areas
461 USA, Akron OH
462 Maldives, Male
463 Namibia, Windhoek
464 China, Tianjin
465 USA, Milwaukee-Waukesha WI
466 USA, Rochester NY
467 Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
468 Thailand, All Areas
469 USA, Denver CO
470 USA, Asheville NC
471 Congo, All Areas
472 USA, Gainesville FL
473 USA, Colorado All Other Areas CO
474 Zimbabwe, Harare
475 Fiji, All Areas
476 Moldova, Chisinau
477 USA, Columbia SC
478 Kenya, Nairobi
479 USA, Binghamton NY
480 Myanmar, Yangon
481 USA, Minnesota All Areas MN
482 USA, Wilmington NC
483 Latvia, Riga
484 Malaysia, Johor Bahru
485 USA, Detroit MI
486 Iran, All Areas
487 Vatican City, Vatican City
488 USA, Florida All Areas FL
489 USA, All Areas
490 USA, York County PA
491 Mozambique, All Areas
492 Kazakhstan, All Areas
493 China, Guangzhou
494 Indonesia, Bali
495 Guinea, All Areas
496 Guyana, Georgetown
497 Libya, Tripoli
497 India, Bangalore
499 French Polynesia, All Areas
500 Slovenia, All Areas
501 USA, Virginia All Areas VA
502 USA, Montgomery AL
503 USA, Boise ID
504 USA, Raleigh NC
505 USA, Plano TX
506 Armenia, Yerevan
507 USA, Durham NC
508 Argentina, Buenos Aires
509 USA, South Carolina All Areas SC
510 Libya, Benghazi
511 USA, Charleston SC
512 French Guiana, Cayenne
513 India, Ahmedabad
514 Botswana, Gaborone
515 USA, New Mexico All Areas NM
516 USA, Salt Lake City UT
517 Lesotho, Maseru
518 USA, Bradenton FL
519 USA, Wyoming All Areas WY
520 Colombia, All Areas
521 USA, Orlando FL
522 Laos, All Areas
523 USA, Evansville IN
524 Palau, Melekeok
525 Vietnam, Hanoi
526 USA, Wisconsin All Areas WI
527 USA, Cape Coral-Fort Myers FL
528 USA, South Dakota All Areas SD
529 USA, Fayetteville NC
530 Hungary, All Areas
531 USA, North Carolina All Areas NC
532 Kenya, Mombasa
533 Maldives, All Areas
534 Ukraine, All Areas
535 USA, Illinois All Areas IL
536 Ghana, All Areas
537 Panama, Panama City
538 USA, Davenport-Moline-Rock Is IA-IL
539 Poland, Krakow
540 USA, Michigan All Areas MI
541 USA, Tucson AZ
542 USA, Myrtle Beach SC
543 Palestinian Territories, All Areas
544 Malaysia, Subang Jaya
545 USA, Spokane WA
546 USA, Kansas City MO
547 USA, Green Bay WI
547 Rwanda, All Areas
549 USA, Jackson MS
550 Poland, Lodz
551 Serbia, All Areas
552 Indonesia, Surabaya
553 Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek
554 USA, Indiana All Areas IN
554 USA, Rockford IL
556 USA, Appleton WI
557 China, All Areas
558 Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
558 USA, Austin TX
560 USA, Ohio All Areas OH
561 Cuba, All Areas
562 India, Pune
563 USA, Arlington TX
564 Costa Rica, San Jose
565 Sri Lanka, Colombo
566 Montenegro, All Areas
567 Guinea-Bissau, All Areas
568 USA, Utah All Areas UT
569 Oman, Muscat
570 USA, Pittsburgh PA
571 USA, Jacksonville FL
572 Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar
573 USA, Atlanta GA
574 Togo, All Areas
575 Namibia, All Areas
576 USA, Augusta GA
576 USA, Idaho All Areas ID
578 USA, Little Rock-North Little Rock AR
579 USA, West Virginia All Areas WV
580 USA, North Dakota All Areas ND
581 USA, Tampa FL
581 Jordan, Amman
583 USA, Lincoln NE
584 USA, Cincinnati OH
585 USA, Fort Wayne-Allen County IN
586 Chad, All Areas
587 Poland, All Areas
588 USA, Columbus OH
589 USA, Louisiana All Areas LA
590 USA, Kennewick-Richland-Pasco WA
591 USA, Buffalo NY
592 USA, Baton Rouge LA
593 USA, Iowa All Areas IA
594 Saudi Arabia, Dammam
595 USA, Dallas TX
596 USA, Charlotte NC
597 USA, Georgia All Areas GA
598 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo
599 Ethiopia, Addis Ababa
600 Egypt, Alexandria
601 USA, Erie PA
601 USA, Savannah GA
603 USA, Mobile AL
604 USA, Colorado Springs CO
605 USA, Mississippi All Areas MS
605 USA, Kalamazoo MI
607 Swaziland, Mbabane
608 El Salvador, San Salvador
609 USA, Charleston WV
610 Panama, All Areas
611 Moldova, All Areas
612 Paraguay, Asuncion
613 Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City
614 USA, Alabama All Areas AL
615 USA, Shreveport-Bossier City LA
616 USA, Cedar Rapids IA
617 USA, Roanoke VA
618 USA, El Paso TX
619 China, Macao
619 Macedonia, Skopje
621 USA, St. Louis MO
622 Malaysia, Klang
623 USA, San Antonio TX
624 Saudi Arabia, Medinah
625 Zimbabwe, All Areas
626 USA, Greenville SC
627 Northern Mariana Islands, All Areas
628 Kosovo, Pristina
629 USA, Nebraska All Areas NE
630 USA, Dayton OH
631 USA, Martinsburg-Berkeley County WV
632 USA, Midland TX
633 Burkina Faso, All Areas
634 Botswana, All Areas
635 USA, Wichita KS
636 USA, Fayetteville AR
636 Latvia, All Areas
638 USA, Texas All Areas TX
639 USA, Missouri All Areas MO
640 Malaysia, All Areas
641 USA, Fort Worth TX
642 USA, Lexington KY
643 Gambia, Banjul
644 USA, South Bend IN
645 USA, Huntsville AL
646 USA, Chattanooga TN
647 USA, Oklahoma City OK
648 USA, Kansas All Areas KS
649 Lesotho, All Areas
650 Egypt, Cairo
651 USA, Des Moines IA
652 USA, Houston TX
653 USA, Oklahoma All Areas OK
654 Burundi, Bujumbura
655 Kenya, All Areas
656 USA, Youngstown-Warren OH
657 Afghanistan, Kabul
658 India, Calcutta
659 USA, Birmingham AL
660 Guatemala, Guatemala City
661 India, Hyderabad
662 Libya, All Areas
663 USA, Omaha NE
664 USA, Arkansas All Areas AR
665 USA, Clarksville TN
666 USA, Winston-Salem NC
666 Pakistan, Karachi
668 Dominican Republic, All Areas
669 Niger, All Areas
670 USA, Corpus Christi TX
671 USA, Brazoria County TX
672 Turkmenistan, Ashgabat
673 USA, Kentucky All Areas KY
674 Zambia, All Areas
675 Iraq, Baghdad
676 Egypt, Gizeh
677 USA, Tulsa OK
678 India, All Areas
679 Guyana, All Areas
680 Argentina, Cordoba
681 USA, Springfield MO
682 Syria, Damascus
683 USA, Tennessee All Areas TN
684 USA, Memphis TN
685 USA, Lubbock TX
686 Suriname, Paramaribo
687 USA, Murfreesboro-Smyrna TN
688 Oman, All Areas
689 Armenia, All Areas
690 USA, Louisville KY
691 Indonesia, Medan
691 Algeria, Algiers
693 USA, Knoxville TN
694 USA, Brownsville TX
695 USA, Johnson City TN
696 Kyrgyzstan, All Areas
697 Honduras, Tegucigalpa
698 USA, McAllen TX
699 Myanmar, All Areas
700 USA, Nashville-Franklin TN
701 French Guiana, All Areas
702 Morocco, Fez
703 Morocco, Rabat
704 USA, Fort Smith AR
705 Saudi Arabia, Mecca
706 Nepal, Kathmandu
707 Belize, Belmopan
708 USA, Harlingen TX
709 Argentina, All Areas
710 Paraguay, All Areas
711 Sri Lanka, All Areas
712 Pakistan, Lahore
713 Ecuador, Quito
714 Palau, All Areas
715 Bosnia and Herzegovina, All Areas
716 El Salvador, All Areas
717 Costa Rica, All Areas
718 Tonga, NukuAlofa
719 Macedonia, All Areas
720 Bolivia, La Paz
721 Mongolia, All Areas
722 Jordan, All Areas
723 Somalia, All Areas
724 Morocco, Marrakech
725 Nicaragua, Managua
726 Kosovo, All Areas
727 Madagascar, All Areas
728 Swaziland, All Areas
729 Afghanistan, All Areas
730 Pakistan, Islamabad
731 Albania, Tirana
732 Suriname, All Areas
733 Romania, Bucharest
734 Gambia, All Areas
735 Vietnam, All Areas
736 Morocco, Casablanca
737 Bulgaria, Sofia
738 Guatemala, All Areas
739 Uganda, Kampala
740 Mauritania, Nouakchott
741 Ethiopia, All Areas
742 Egypt, All Areas
743 Argentina, Rosario
744 Algeria, All Areas
745 Bangladesh, Dhaka
746 Tajikistan, Dushanbe
747 Saudi Arabia, All Areas
748 Korea Democratic Republic of, Pyongyang
749 Turkmenistan, All Areas
750 Seychelles, Victoria
751 Belize, All Areas
752 Iraq, All Areas
753 Indonesia, All Areas
754 Morocco, All Areas
755 Ecuador, All Areas
756 Syria, All Areas
757 Bolivia, All Areas
758 Albania, All Areas
759 Honduras, All Areas
760 Burundi, All Areas
761 Yemen, Sanaa
762 Tonga, All Areas
763 Bulgaria, All Areas
764 Nicaragua, All Areas
765 Romania, All Areas
766 Seychelles, All Areas
767 Tunisia, Tunis
768 Mauritania, All Areas
769 Cambodia, Phnom Penh
770 Nepal, All Areas
771 Pakistan, All Areas
772 Tajikistan, All Areas
773 Uganda, All Areas
774 Bangladesh, All Areas
775 Yemen, All Areas
776 Tunisia, All Areas
777 Korea Democratic Republic of, All Areas
778 Bhutan, Thimphu
779 Cambodia, All Areas
780 Bhutan, All Areas

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