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Is your international salary offer higher or lower than what you earn now? Are you considering retiring abroad? Do you want to compare the cost of living between locations?

Use our international cost of living calculator to work out how much you need to earn, for a comparison by global city, to have a similar spending power.

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Mobility Calculators

Are you responsible for global mobility or management of international assignments? Do you need to calculate an expatriate salary, cost of living index or allowance?

The calculators have been created to help you manage short and long term assignments

Cost of Living Allowance
Cost of Living Index
International Assignment Management
Salary Purchasing Power Parity
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Cost Of Living Index

Cost of Living Index Calculator (COLI): Download Demo COLI Report

The COLI report calculates cost of living indexes for the host locations you select using the home location you specify. You can choose from any one of the 13 baskets or you can choose the overall cost of living index.

This is recommended for the calculation of three or more cost of living indexes using your choice of base city..

We now offer a seven day or an annual subscription.

The Seven Day Subscription offers you the Home Location for free and each Host Location purchased will cost $49. During the Seven Day Period you have unlimited access to the purchased location data using any of the calculators.

The Annual Subscription offers you the Home Location for free and each Host Location will cost $249. During the Subscription Year you have unlimited access to the purchased location data using any of the calculators.

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How do I run a Cost of Living Index Calculator (COLI) Report?

1) Login using your username and password

2) Check that you have bought a subscription

3) Select Calculators from the menu

4) Choose the Cost of Living Index (COLI) Calculator

The calculator will prompt you for the following inputs:

5) Reference Information: Give your report a reference and the name of the individual for whom you are running the report. This will help you identify your reports for future reference.

6) Home Location: Select the location that will be the home location. All host locations selected will be compared to the home location. The home location index will be 100. Host locations that are more expensive than the home location will have an index above 100. Host locations that are cheaper than the home location will have an index below 100.

7) Host Locations: Select all host locations that you require a cost of living index for.

8) Select which cost of living index basket/s you require.

9) Run Report: When you are sure that all your selection criteria is correct, click on run report. Reports can be re-run for the period that you have purchased your subscription for.

10) Your report will be created immediately and will look like this Demo COLI Report